How to enter the state of theta healing on your own, meditation

how to enter the state of tetachilling on your own

Thetahealing is a unique practice that can restore health, bring harmony back into life and bring into your life what you would like to see in it. The literal translation of the term means “theta healing” and characterizes the state of extremely deep relaxation. During the transition period to the state of sleep, theta waves are activated in the brain, and it is this frequency that allows changes to be made at a deep level.

Examining the physical mechanism of a particular practice will guide you in how the technique works and help you determine how to enter the state of tetachilling on your own. Achieving a state of complete relaxation using special techniques will allow you to assess the possibilities of the practice to open your inner reserves.

Theta Healing: what is it

What is thetahealing – in simple terms? This is work with internal energies as a result of reaching a special state of consciousness. Simple actions allow you to “download” the necessary changes at the cellular level, changing neural connections and creating new ones. Changing thoughts and feelings allows you to “reconfigure” the body, eliminating destructive attitudes and their consequences. The combination of special techniques, an understanding of your condition and the belief that you can overcome ailments, troubles and achieve what you want characterizes the practice of theta healing.

Effects of Theta Healing on a Human

The work of the human brain is carried out in the main five frequency states – alpha, beta, gamma, delta and theta. The latter occurs at a wavelength of 4 to 7 Hz, this vibration frequency characterizes a state of very deep relaxation from wakefulness to sleep. The presence of theta waves in the brain is the basis for subsequent changes.


The sequence of stages of meditation includes working with the subconscious, searching for destructive attitudes, removing them and loading favorable feelings and attitudes. The result is that all the necessary changes have been successfully implemented.

Benefits of application

Adherence to theta healing technique helps to achieve results in the direction that worries most.


  1. Improve the health and general condition of the body, get rid of ailments.
  2. Change your financial situation for the better, change jobs or find other sources of income.
  3. Build relationships with others, neutralize conflicts.
  4. Learn to feel your body and influence sensations, develop spiritually.
  5. Letting go of prejudices that affect your quality of life.
  6. Find emotional balance, get rid of anxiety, negative blocks.
  7. Eliminate unnecessary imposed programs.

Technique types

Differences in the applied techniques of theta-healing allows one and the same result to be achieved. Once you have entered the theta state, you can act in any way that is convenient for you.


  1. Meditation and visualization – presenting what you want in the form of pictures, ready-made images of your future.
  2. Scanning and healing is performed with the participation of an instructor, when the theta healer observes the changes taking place in you as a result of connecting with the Creator. Diagnostics is carried out by a healer based on his experience, he looks for the causes of the disease and eliminates them, healing the soul and body.
  3. Working with beliefs and feelings. The search for negative blocks and beliefs allows you to replace destructive programs in different areas of life with new, positive beliefs that lead to success.
  4. The embodiment of desires is carried out with the help of manifestation, appeal to the Creator and proclamation of your needs. The success of the manifestation also depends on a correctly set goal and the absence of internal negative blocks that do not allow you to get what you want.

Meditation at home

Many people have a question, where to start self-study of thetahealing?


  1. Preparation is an important part of theta healing practice, at this stage we tune in to the vibration of the waves of the desired frequency. For this, it is important to create the necessary atmosphere that does not distract from immersion in the subconscious. Choose a spacious room where you will not be disturbed by smells, sounds, or other annoying factors.
  2. Adopting a comfortable posture, for this you need to close your eyes, relax, eliminate any thoughts, free yourself from any sensations, so that theta waves begin to dominate in the brain.
  3. Deep relaxation will lead you to a special state of consciousness, where you can analyze your negative attitudes, blocks that interfere with gaining health and self-realization.
  4. Change negative beliefs to positive ones by relying on your inner strength. The process of change can happen instantly, and you will feel the relief of knowing that you are doing everything right.

Listening to special audio recordings, lighting candles or incense sticks, aroma lamps with oils will help to enhance the effect of meditation.

Visualizing what you want in the form of focusing on dreams of a happy future will help you find a harmonious theta state by setting your thoughts in the right direction.

The basic concept of theta healing is basic meditation that should be done regularly, in the morning or in the evening. Constant training in this technique will help you quickly feel the desired result.

  1. Morning meditation is performed immediately after waking up, breathing in the flow of air and visualizing the light, and exhaling all the dark that has accumulated inside. Then you turn to the Creator with a request to fill you with love from within, penetrating into all cells and adjusting their harmonious work. Formulate your plans for the day and ask for their success.

    After meditation, inhale and exhale deeply and calmly.

  2. Evening meditation is performed before bedtime, preparing the body for rest and rejuvenation. Concentrate on deep breathing, feeling the penetration into the light energy, which will displace the dark one. Your heart opens to Divine love, and light penetrates into all cells of the body. The heart is like a flower, enjoy its warmth and light. Take a deep breath and exhale and then go to bed.

This video will help you to conduct your first meditation.



I came to theta healing as a result of a close acquaintance with psychology and metaphysics. Theta Healing helped me organically complement what I knew before and helped me better know my ability to work with a practice that I had no doubts about.


The teachings of Vianna Stibal made a revolution in my consciousness, made it possible, by using a simple technique, to get rid of perennial complexes and blocks, reveal my femininity and achieve success in business.


Theta Healing really works! Positive changes do not occur immediately and not for everyone, but regular meditations allow you to free your consciousness, eliminate negative attitudes in order to achieve a happy and harmonious life. Real reviews of Theta Healing are sufficient confirmation of this.

Opinions of psychotherapists



Theta healing offers great prospects for working with the consciousness of a person in an altered state in addition to the methods of traditional medicine. Therapy of past negative experiences is easier and more effective using this practice.


Why does theta healing not always work? Not everyone allows you to instantly heal from it. It is not necessary to consider practice as a universal “blue pill” for the methods to start working, it is necessary to effectively get rid of fears and internal conflicts.

The available technique of theta healing allows you to improve a person’s life, relieving him of fears, complexes and negative attitudes that have accumulated over the years. A variety of techniques, the ability to achieve theta state on your own with the help of meditation provides invaluable support for curing diseases, harmonizing the inner state, achieving success in life, gaining financial stability and realizing what you want.

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