Unique yoga tours to Turkey from the oum.ru yoga club in May for beginners

Yoga tour to Cappadocia “Charge of energy”

May 1-10, 2022, 10 days

Cappadocia … The most picturesque place in the heart of Turkey. Locals claim that this is the most beautiful place in the whole country. “Cappadocia was chosen by the higher powers to show people what natural beauty is miraculous,” they say here. After all, this place can really be called a sculptural workshop, in which Nature herself acts as a sculptor. The local famous caves, reminiscent of temples and palaces, were formed naturally, without human intervention, with the help of the wind and sun, which have worked for many centuries in a row. The air itself and the bowels of the earth are filled with power here. A yoga tour to Turkey is a great opportunity for merging with nature, feeling its harmony, resting from the bustle of the city and knowing oneself.

Cappadocia includes more than a dozen small cities that have emerged on the site of unusual volcanic formations. It seems that Nature itself has created safe homes for people, and in case of need and shelter (in these places, spiritual practices were often hidden, whose ideals did not correspond to religious policy). Back in the 1st century BC, whole underground cities and monasteries appeared here, where they were engaged in spiritual self-improvement. Today, the national parks and unusual cave formations of Cappadocia are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Teachers of the Oum.ru club

We invite you to a yoga journey in these amazing places, to spend 10 days filled with yoga, meditation, lectures, conversations, walks and contemplation of natural strength and beauty. Yoga Tour 2021 “Energized” will allow you to:

  • Restore physical and mental strength after winter, lack of solar heat and light, as well as stressful conditions of modern life;
  • Spend time with like-minded people, doing hatha yoga, meditation, studying the issues of self-development, deepening personal practice;
  • Replenish the body with vitamins from a variety of seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts, oils and other local products;
  • Get positive experiences from being in nature, among the energetic mountains and lakes;
  • Acquire and strengthen new healthy habits of the daily routine and nutrition, and most importantly, yoga.

Yoga Tour Video

We also invite you on October 1-10 with us in Cirali, Turkey:

Yoga Tour “Introduction to Meditation”

Tour program

Hatha yoga practice

The program of the yoga tour for beginners “Energy Charge” includes:

  • Daily yoga and meditation practices;
  • Lectures and talks;
  • Scenic walking and car routes;
  • The practice of contemplation in natural places of power;
  • Vegetarian food and comfortable accommodation.

An extensive program of lectures will be largely devoted to the practical application of yoga practices in our lives. We will discuss topics such as:

  • Establishing the daily routine and nutrition of a modern city dweller;
  • Energy problems and obstacles in the way of knowing yourself;
  • Integrating yoga into everyday family life and work;
  • Basic techniques of physical and energetic cleansing;
  • The place of spirituality in our life, the search for the meaning of existence in every day in practice, and not in philosophical reasoning;
  • Harmonization of material and spiritual goals, how not to lose the true meaning of the practice.

The presenters of the yoga tour will share their experiences in life, yoga and teaching, answer questions, conduct practices that serve a more effective and creative life in a rapidly changing external world.

Places we will visit:

  • Goreme National Park is an open-air museum, the center of Cappadocia with the largest number of rock formations.
  • The ancient city of Urgup.
  • Uchisar and Pigeon Valley.
  • Ozkonak underground city and Belha monastery.
  • Ancient underground cities of Derinkuyu and Kaymakli.
  • Derbent Valley.
  • Avanos and the valley of the Pashabag monks.
  • Ihlara gorge.


850 $ – when staying in a double or triple (family) room;

1050 $ – when staying in a single room.

Special prices for representatives of the OUM.RU club;

Special prices for children accompanying relatives.

The cost of a yoga tour to Turkey (Cappadocia) includes:

  • Accommodation in a room of the selected category;
  • 2 vegetarian meals a day;
  • Yoga program.

The price does NOT include:

  • Air tickets (2 flights: one to Istanbul, the second – domestic to Cappadocia);
  • Transfer from the airport and back;
  • Excursion program;
  • Hot air ballooning and other activities not included in the excursion program;
  • Personal expenses (food, souvenirs, etc.);
  • Travel insurance.

Registration for the tour

To register for a yoga tour, just fill out an application at the bottom of this page:

Application for participation in the tour

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