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Among a huge number of alternative directions to classical medicine, bioresonance therapy has been in special demand for a long time. Read on to find out whether clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of this treatment, the essence of the method and the history of its development, and how the standard session goes.


What is bioresonance therapy?

This direction belongs to the so-called alternative medicine, which always has a lot of supporters. This can be partly explained by the fact that, unlike evidence-based medicine, bioresonance is a method that presupposes both a calm environment and a beautiful treatment center or office, the absence of queues and painful procedures. But to say that the future belongs to bioresonance medicine would be a great exaggeration.

History of appearance

The bioresonance method is associated with the name of Reinhold Voll. This German doctor, in turn, took as the basis for the study of Feret, who, back in the 19th century, drew attention to the change in the electrical properties of human skin under the influence of emotions. True, scientists later explained this discovery by the usual reaction of the sweat glands. The study of the electrical activity of the skin at the intersection of centuries was a real breakthrough – or rather, it seemed to them. The most famous consequence of this teaching is the invention of the polygraph. But this device is of no use to medicine.



The human body and its signals

Nevertheless, Voll, armed with Feret’s research calculations, having connected separate oriental practices and homeopathy to bioresonance, created his own doctrine. invented the device and named it by his own name. In Europe, Voll had followers who suggested that patients send a “biological field” back into their body.

The essence of the treatment

The supporters of bioresonance have a theory that every living organism is a source of specific electromagnetic oscillations, and if a disease appears in the body, along with it, new, pathological oscillations arise. If these vibrations are removed, then the disease can also be overcome. This idea formed the basis of the method.

This is how bioresonance therapy works: the device detects dissonance of vibrations in a certain organ, and this is enough for a diagnosis. And the modernized device commercialized biorezanas even more: it began to direct electromagnetic oscillations to inhibit pathological waves. That is, according to the supporters of bioresonance, literally everything can be treated by the device.

Therapist I.A.Gorkovenko tells about the basics of bioresonance therapy.

When is it recommended?

Experts working in this area recommend carrying out bioresonance diagnostics of the body in a wide range of cases. For example, it can replace a biochemical blood test or allow a person to identify allergens.

Also, computer diagnostics promises:

  • explore the chromosomal structure of the body;
  • to reveal latent and overt diseases;
  • determine what is the radioactive load on the body;
  • investigate the immune status;
  • identify the presence in the body;
  • determine what vitamins and minerals a person lacks;
  • find asymptomatic diseases;
  • to give a holistic picture of the state of health.


The specialist takes electromagnetic readings from certain points on the patient’s body

Moreover, specialists in this field promise to give a detailed research result literally in half an hour after the diagnosis. The process is complex and pleasant, almost stress-free for the patient. But any critical-minded person would question such big promises. And the question really requires study and understanding, and not blind faith in the promises from the advertising brochure.


As soon as the patient is diagnosed, he is offered two options for further treatment. Therapy can be endogenous or it can be exogenous. Endogenous therapy offers to treat existing ailments with their own electromagnetic oscillations. Exogenous comes down to the use of external signals.

During endogenous treatment, electromagnetic oscillations of the patient’s body are read by means of special electrodes, and then fed to the device. There processing takes place and already healthy impulses return to the patient, and pathological ones are suppressed by them. During exogenous treatment, a biofield, modeled by special generators, acts on the human body.


The device that dominates this treatment can be called a low frequency pulse current generator. The frequency of the device is regulated by the operator; when the impedance values ​​are equalized, the device is turned off. Each device has several operating modes: from 2 to 20.

Biopotentialography specialists have determined the frequencies of bioelectric activity for different organs and systems. And these data are guided by the therapist when calculating the value of the healing waves. Information about the patient’s condition is sent to the computer from a special sensor, the signals are converted into digital data.


Today the following devices are used in bioresonance:

  • Rematerp;
  • Imago;
  • Synchrostar EM;
  • Lidomed Bio, etc.

Specialists who work with bioresonance must have the qualifications of a medical doctor, and information about this must be available to the patient.


It is believed that the endogenous effect of bioresonance has no contraindications.

Exogenous therapy imposes a number of the following limitations:

  • the presence of a pacemaker in the patient;
  • epilepsy;
  • pregnancy;
  • mental disorders and psycho-emotional instability;
  • alcoholic or drug intoxication;
  • acute disorders of blood flow in the brain;
  • oncology;
  • low blood clotting rates;
  • intolerance to the effects of electric current;
  • the presence of lesions on the skin in those places where electrical stimulation will be carried out.

We recommend that you consult with your attending physician, a traditional therapist, before visiting the BRT office. And be sure to check with the list of contraindications.


The patient goes to a special room. There must be strictly observed indicators of humidity and air temperature – 60-80% and 20-22%, respectively. The physician should be dressed only in clothes made of natural fabrics, and his hands should be in gloves (rubber or cotton). The patient is warned in advance that he should not eat 2 hours before the procedure.


During the session, the physician connects electrodes to the patient’s body in a non-contact way. The patient is thus within a closed loop. And at this time, the device collects information about the electromagnetic vibrations of the human body. The specialist is guided by these indicators. The contour “patient – device – carrier” includes frequencies that are taken from minerals or homeopathic remedies (optional).

The entire session fits in 20 minutes, sometimes less. How many times a session needs to be carried out, the patient negotiates with the doctor individually. Maybe 1 session per week, and 2 sessions per month. Additionally, physicians can recommend the intake of water and granules with “recorded” on them the field frequencies needed by the patient. Such treatment will be considered comprehensive.

It is obvious that both diagnostics and treatment are absolutely comfortable for the clients of offices and clinics focused on BRT. And it is rather difficult to trace the result. Diplomatically speaking, the method of treatment is controversial. It is often compared to homeopathy, which is virtually unproven and psychologically very attractive for patients.

Patient Testimonials

Martha: I saw the brochure about the bioresonance center in a regular antenatal clinic. Since I was constantly tormented by pain in the peritoneum, but the examinations did not really show anything, I decided to go to the alternatives. Diagnostics cost 2,000 rubles. Good service, cleanliness and order, the experience was initially good. I was examined for 15 minutes maximum. And in another 10 minutes I will endure 9 (!) Diagnoses. From pancreatitis to thyroid problems, although nothing suggested that. Yes, the first session brought about pain relief. But that was just a placebo. They are back. In the end, the new GP suggested that my pains were postpartum adhesions, and so it was. And the diagnoses of bioresonance were not confirmed by either tests or ultrasound.

Sergey: I went to bioresonance as part of a promotion when we were offered the first free session at work. There I was immediately taken aback by hypotension and osteochondrosis. The back hurt, yes, but a little, rarely, and after training in the simulator. But I began to be treated. For 2 months of visits to the wonderful office, I laid out (along with the proposed medicines) – 14 thousand. In the end, I won’t say what it was. It didn’t get any worse, but it didn’t get any better either. My blood pressure is 105/75, but I feel great, and everyone in my family is the same.

The opinion of professionals

Modern clinical studies, which include the double-blind control method (it excludes the placebo effect), have not confirmed the effectiveness of bioresonance. In the scientific literature, a statement has appeared that conducting a unipolar electric current through the human body has a toxic effect on the liver. Electrolysis products (alkali and chlorine) can lead to the death of worms, dysbiosis and cell mutation.


Countries where bioresonance therapy is prohibited:

  • USA;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Australia;
  • Canada, etc.

As of today, BRT is not recognized as an official medicine. Back in 2003, the Chairman of the RAS Commission, Academician E. Kruglyakov said that he considered bioresonance to be a pseudoscience and charlatanism. And a huge number of his colleagues with high achievements in the field of evidence-based medicine echo the academician.

And there are a few more reasons that need to be considered. There are no free offices and BRT centers. The client pays for each procedure. And the doctor can prescribe to the patient huge lists of drugs, among which there are other controversial non-medical remedies – dietary supplements.

If Voll devices had really powerful potential, clinics of different levels would have bought them for a long time. And, think about it, there is not a single veterinary clinic, even the most elite one, where APCs are used. It’s just that animals are not familiar with the placebo effect, which means that it will definitely not work to commercialize the services.

Homeopaths, “soft” therapists, osteopaths, bioresonance therapists – these specialists do not do miracles, do not promise cures, but psychologically they are perceived by patients more loyally. Do not allow yourself to become a victim of questionable treatment, weigh all the actions that affect your health.

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