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In ancient China, healers somehow noticed the connection of points on the ear of a person with the health of his organs. Numerous studies have helped to map these bioactive points, the impact on which had a noticeable therapeutic effect. Auriculotherapy – what is it and why is the ancient teaching still used today? Who is it shown to and who is not? How to lose weight and quit smoking with the help of auriculotherapy? All the fun is on.

Auriculotherapy is one of the ancient teachings, which today is considered a section of reflexology.

What is auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy is acupuncture, but bioactive points are concentrated in this case strictly on the auricle. Auricula is from Latin and means “auricle”. This system is part of the eastern one, its offshoot.

The French physician Paul Nogier popularized the system; in the 20th century, he drew the attention of the medical community to this doctrine. Empirically, a French researcher determined that exposure to a specific point in the ear helped relieve rheumatic pain in the lumbosacral region.


Active points on the auricle, layout

Nozhier was inspired by the results and delved deeper into the study of ancient Chinese medicine. He worked for many years and made an accurate model of the projection of the ear, which was called the “inverted embryo” (you can imagine that on the earlobe is the head of the embryo). Electronic equipment allowed Nogier to prove the bioactivity of these projections.

So I got another tool. Quite quickly, auriculotherapy became popular. It belongs to alternative medicine, but it is also used by those who, in general, are accustomed to trusting academic medicine, but are not averse to using such not entirely familiar methods.

The benefits of medical practice

Auriculotherapy has gained the greatest popularity as a treatment for nicotine addiction, relieving painful syndromes and getting rid of osteochondrosis. It is interesting that a specialist, even by the appearance of the ears, can already say something about the patient’s health. Flabby and pale ears, Chinese doctors believed, speak of weak Qi energy and problems with the digestion and circulatory system. But if the ears are hard and bright red, these are possible pathologies of the heart and blood vessels. Thick and yellow ears indicate hepatodysfunction. Certain conclusions can also be drawn from the shape of the ears: ancient doctors believed, for example, that a pointed shape could indicate heart disease.


Why the technique is useful:

  • there are projections of organs and joints on the ear, the impact on the projection points triggers a cascade of biochemical processes and gives a positive therapeutic effect;
  • maximum action can be achieved with a combination of auriculotherapy and corporal acupuncture;
  • in addition to getting rid of pain caused by various diseases, this department of reflexology is also involved in eliminating addictions (overeating, smoking, and even alcoholism).

Whether or not to cure one’s illness in such an uncommon way is everyone’s business. But in alternative medicine there are indications and contraindications, a list of tools and principles of treatment


Clinics specializing in such a medical service list a list of those ailments where auriculotherapy can be useful.


These include:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • removal of pain syndromes of various etiologies;
  • colitis;
  • vascular pain;
  • allergies;
  • stress;
  • diseases of the reproductive and excretory system;
  • neurodermatitis;
  • traumatic and postoperative pain.

Clinical experts also promise a gentle, safe weight loss. They assure that the efforts of the will in losing weight are ineffective, because the hypothalamus controls the appetite. Therefore, the impact on specific biological points corrects the work of the central nervous system, suppressing the appetite center and producing fat burning hormones.

Very good results in correcting dietary habits for weight loss were shown by the triad, you can read more in our article:.

For addictions, auriculotherapy promises to gently transform neural connections to shape a new type of response to pathogens. And it affects both physiological and psychological causes of addiction.

Auriculotherapy procedure

The clinical situation determines what type of instrument the physician will need to complete the procedure. These can be microneedles, long needles, special buttons. The thicker the needle, the stronger the impact on the point. Therefore, thin needles are considered to a greater extent prophylactic. Absolutely all materials are disposable and sterile.


The specialist adheres to a scheme clearly known to him, because auriculotherapy (the atlas of auricular points is strict and does not accept free interpretations) is a delicate and delicate procedure.

Features of the session:

  • collecting anamnesis according to the protocol – the doctor’s questions may relate to the season of the onset of the illness, the type of patient’s nutrition, the level of stress and even dreams;
  • the direction of the injection determines the relief of the auricle, if the needle is inserted correctly, the patient can experience predictably strong sensations (from fever and dizziness to pain);
  • the duration of the session is from 15 to 30 minutes, in some cases the needles are left for 1 hour or more;
  • microneedles allow them to be fixed in the ear for an hour or more, therefore, for the convenience of the patient, they are fixed with a plaster;
  • if the exposure is expected to be prolonged (7-10 days), silver needles are used to prevent purulent inflammation from developing.

The treatment course consists of 6-10 sessions, which are carried out daily or every other day.

An example of a session is demonstrated by Olga Kozinskaya, a specialist in the field of acupuncture.

The painful sensations possible during the procedure are not long-lasting. They pass quickly, at the end of the session there is a slight feeling of relaxation, indicating the release of endogenous opiates into the blood. The patient’s condition is monitored by the doctor, explaining whether the sensations are normal and what will happen next.

Usually in clinics where reflexologists work and offer the patient a course of auriculotherapy, they require not only a passport from the patient, but also a “fresh” ECG, blood and urine tests, consultation with a gynecologist for women.


It is believed that auriculotherapy demonstrates the maximum efficiency for the treatment of pathologies associated with pain. There are many positive reviews from those who, with the help of oriental medicine, decided to get rid of a bad habit or lose extra pounds.

With osteochondrosis


Auriculotherapy improves blood circulation in the area of ​​the diseased joint, localizes inflammation

As mentioned above, it was the proven effectiveness of the method in relation to pain in the lumbosacral region that popularized the oriental method of treatment in Europe. There are bioactive points of small and large joints on the auricle, therefore, placing the needles in the desired projection during acute pain means improving blood circulation in the area of ​​the diseased joint, localizing inflammation, and starting cellular regeneration.

It is almost impossible to eliminate chronic and advanced cases, and even minimize with one treatment course. Doctors themselves often propose to combine methods, remember about exercise therapy, therapeutic exercises in the pool, the right mattress and pillow, and many other factors affecting the course of the disease. Therefore, auriculotherapy is not a panacea for the treatment of osteochondrosis, but one of the possible effective methods.

From various pains

This type of acupuncture works well in the correction of headache, toothache, and neurological pain. A certain area is stimulated, the production of endogenous analgesics and other body resources that improve the condition is triggered.

But pain is only a symptom, because even if it disappears after a course of acupuncture, this is not a victory over the disease. Usually the doctor draws up an individual treatment plan, explaining to the patient what he managed to achieve, and what else to work on and what methods to achieve lasting results.

When losing weight

Diet is a dangerous path to weight loss. It is more correct to eat like this: on an ongoing basis, adhere to a rational healthy diet, sometimes allowing yourself late dinners and “junk” food. Rather than eating on a regular basis in the late hours, indulging in not the most healthy food, and only sometimes trying to improve by going on a diet. Diets are always a struggle with oneself, rarely anyone succeeds in it to the fullest. Reflexotherapists, we are sure, will not go far here on willpower.

Auriculotherapy helps suppress activity in the appetite center by gently affecting the central nervous system. It also helps trigger the production of fat-burning hormones.

What’s more, diets often lead to bulimia and other eating disorders. And auriculotherapy helps suppress activity in the appetite center, gently affecting the central nervous system. It also helps trigger the production of fat-burning hormones, which first reduces hunger, and then reduces weight. These actions help the patient not only lose weight, but also improve the emotional state.

Benefits for quitting smoking


Addiction, acupuncturists say, is a neural connection in the brain. It is accompanied by a whole complex of psychological and physiological reactions. A pattern (stable behavior) is formed, which is also extremely difficult to change with just an effort of will.

Auriculotherapy changes these connections gently, forms a new type of response, and, in general, improves the functioning of the body. That is, the restoration of immunity, the normalization of the functioning of the nervous system, is also added to the treatment for smoking. Treatment depends on the smoking history, on the patient’s readiness for therapy.


Usually in medical centers where auriculotherapy is practiced, they refuse to admit pregnant women, patients with mental illness, cancer patients and patients with sclerosis. With severe neuroses and psychopathy, it is also not worth treating in this way. More detailed consultations, a list of contraindications (temporary and permanent) will be told to you at the center where you intend to apply.


Auriculotherapy reviews:

Anna: Since I have been struggling with overweight for 7 years, I was tired, I quit all diets and came to a reflexologist. She was treated in two courses. The doctor said: if you eat as you please, the needles alone will not work. They also put microneedles on me for 7 days. In short, the conclusions: after the first course my appetite became controlled, I do not fall for anything in the store. Between breakfast and lunch, I stopped thinking about food! For me, auriculotherapy definitely works.


Diana: Very, very much depends on the master! The first time I put needles in a dispensary 9 years ago. There was a hernia in the spine. It didn’t help, only the sessions added pain. The second time I dared to go, but now I live in Germany. I had neuritis, which I had been treating for 3.5 months before. The reflexologist saved me from it in 2 sessions. I can’t explain it myself, but it’s a fact.

The material of the article is for informational purposes only. The choice of a treatment method is a crucial step, try to make sure of the professionalism of the specialists and the absence of contraindications.

Be healthy!

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