Yoga tour to Turkey “Yoga on the Mediterranean Sea”

Yoga tour to Turkey “Yoga on the Mediterranean Sea”

from 1 to 9 October 2022, 9 days

We invite you on a journey together Yoga Tour to Turkey 2022 “Yoga in the Mediterranean”which will explore and explain in detail the following topics and practices:

  • Meditative practices: from ancient texts to modern realities. How to learn to meditate for real;
  • The ancient science of Ayurveda. How is it related to yoga? What is the Ayurvedic human constitution? How to determine your type and harmonize well-being and life in general?
  • Mastering classical breathing techniques (pranayama) on the seashore.
  • Daily practice of hatha yoga and mantra recitation.
  • How to integrate yoga practice into your family and professional life.
  • How to quickly restore the body from stress with the help of yoga.
Vrikshasana – Tree Pose

We also invite you on May 1-10, 2023 with us to Cappadocia, Turkey: Yoga tour “Charge of energy”

Yoga today goes beyond the halls, retreat centers, spreads beyond India and Tibet, becomes part of a healthy life for each of us.

Meditation by the sea

In times of uncertainty and uncertainty, when the outside world sends us serious trials, we need an internal source of strength, peace and harmony. Yoga considers human life from the standpoint of the principles of karma and reincarnation, offers various tools to change our internal state. As the Great Teacher and practitioner the Dalai Lama said: self-development will not solve our problems, it will not make them disappear. But our problems will become much less because we will become spiritually higher and more. An important part of the tour program are the traditional practices of asanas, pranayamas (special breathing techniques), concentration and meditation.

Yulia Bezhina and Alexandra Shtukaturova

Yoga is the science of self-development, considering the evolution of a person at the level of consciousness, fueled by the level of energy, which, in turn, we can influence through the body and the knowledge of Ayurveda. Yoga is the path from the body we understand and are accustomed to to the infinite depths of the entire Universe. That is why for success in yoga and meditation it is so important to properly build the life and regime of our bodies and psyches, giving them adequate loads and the opportunity to maximize their potential. During the tour, we will take time to learn the basic principles of Ayurveda.

Alexandra Shtukaturova – leading yoga tour

Modern cities and their fast pace of life take us farther and farther away from understanding health, especially mental health. In these difficult times, ancient knowledge, the experience of teachers of the past, visits to clean natural places and the support of like-minded people are more important and relevant than ever for us.

We invite you to a yoga tour on the Mediterranean coast, in one of the cleanest places on the planet.

We invite you to spend time practicing yoga, gaining new knowledge about Ayurveda and yoga, walking through quiet natural corners, peace and harmony in the marine reserve – a small village of Cirali (Turkey), located on the shores of the warmest and cleanest Mediterranean Sea.

Yoga tour to Turkey 2022 on the Mediterranean Sea:

  • Daily meditation and hatha yoga practices, lectures;
  • Swimming in the sea and other physical activities (trekking in the mountains, sailing on a yacht, visiting the ruins of the ancient city, climbing to the top of the mountain – participation is optional, paid extra);
  • Fresh seasonal Turkish fruits and vegetables;
  • Accommodation in comfortable rooms within a 5-minute walk from the sea;
  • Calmness and sounds of nature;
  • 2 meals a day vegetarian.
Joint yoga practice

Yoga tour to Turkey “Yoga on the Mediterranean” will allow you to:

  • Deepen the level of personal practice and your own knowledge of yoga;
  • Relax in a quiet place on the shores of the warm sea;
  • Recuperate from being in an urban environment, office, etc.;
  • Meet like-minded people and practice together;
  • Acquire new positive habits;
  • Strengthen your intention to continue moving along the path of self-development and help others in this.
Yacht trip

Tour program

Meditation by the sea

Yoga tour “Yoga on the Mediterranean” in Cirali: approximate schedule for the day.

06:00 – rise, morning procedures
06:30-07:30 – meditation
07:45-09:00 – hatha yoga
09:00-09:30 – approach to meditation
10:00-11:00 – breakfast
11:00-17:00 – free time by the sea / physical activities
17:00-18:00 – dinner
18:30-20:00 – lecture / workshop
20:00-21:00 – Om mantra
21:00-22:00 – evening treatments
22:00-06:00 – shavasana

Cirali village (80 km from Antalya), Turkey

What will we do along with yoga and meditation?

Visit the ancient city of Olympos

One of the six once powerful and prosperous cities of the ancient state of Lycia, which together formed the Lycian Union. It is believed that Olympos reached its peak during the Roman Empire. Everything here testifies to a highly developed civilization.

There are several versions of the origin of the ancient city: either it was built by pirates, choosing these lands because of a very successful, almost impregnable location (however, the pirates were unlikely to be so highly educated to build large temples and develop writing), or the pirates captured it prosperous place and made their quarters.

In any case, special stone cells, with a narrow sliding stone window, where only one person could fit, remain a mystery. What’s this? Are dolmens, and in these places once engaged in self-development and practiced retreats?

Our group will spend several hours here in silence and natural beauty, among the majestic ruins of the white city, which, by the way, the locals keep clean and in good condition and even carry out restoration work.

Walking the Lycian Way

This is a major trade route with a total length of 500 km, which once connected all 6 cities of great Lycia. The entire route is marked by quiet coves with crystal clear waters. We will walk part of this path to the nearest bay, active physical activity will keep the body healthy and the mind calm.

See the Lights of the Chimera

The fiery mountain Chimera (Yanartash in Turkish) is a mystical phenomenon, an unusual place where, regardless of the season, an eternal flame burns. The thing is that natural gas comes out of the mountain to the surface and, in contact with oxygen, ignites. The flames gave rise to the legend of a fire-breathing monster that once held the whole of Lycia in fear and was driven underground by the valiant hero Bellerophon and his horse Pegasus. This is the place where the myths and legends of ancient Greece, so beloved by us since childhood, come to life. A very picturesque path leads up the mountain, giving the body a pleasant load.

Ride the turquoise waves on a yacht

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the cleanest in the world. And Cirali is one of the cleanest places on the Mediterranean coast. This is a nature reserve where a special species of sea turtles (which, as you know, live and breed only in especially clean places) are protected and cared for. It is forbidden to build buildings higher than 3 floors, there are no chain hotels, but only cozy family pensions. There is no roar of music from bars and discos here, this is an ideal place to recuperate and enjoy peace and tranquility. On the waves of amazing turquoise color, we will sail on a yacht along the coast of Cirali, stop in several bays, look into local water caves and, of course, swim to our heart’s content in the warmest and most transparent sea water.

And also…

Let’s look at the local market with seasonal vegetables and fruits, nuts, oils.

local fruits

We will ride bicycles along the quiet southern streets.

Every day we will bathe and absorb the energy of the elements: earth, water, sun, air.

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