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Oak accelerates healing, cherry supports femininity, and birch soothes the nerves, tree lovers argue. Believe it or not, the fact is that contact with nature can tone up emotions and even heal. Let’s talk in this article about dedrotherapy – treatment with trees.

They were appreciated by the Germans and former Slavs. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians (even a bas-relief from Ancient Egypt has been preserved, in which a couple exchanges energy with a tree). They are still highly regarded by the so-called ethnoscience (or just naturopaths). Artists and philosophers sought inspiration from contact with them.

Buddha received enlightenment under a tree. Today, the properties of trees have also been assessed by researchers and scientists, doctors are convinced of them. In Russia, for example, it was found that placing a branch of Siberian fir in a hospital ward halves the number of microbes in the air. After a study in the Netherlands, it was found that people living near the forest are 20% less likely to get sick.

One of the most dedicated tree explorers is the German naturalist Manfred Himmel. As a child, he began to discover and connect with their healing powers. In the book Trees Heal, he mentions that in his neighborhood every child had a favorite tree on which he loved to sit.

Any deciduous or coniferous tree is a huge living ball of life energy. People in it are charged from all sides. Energy flows, cleanses and strengthens the entire structure of the body. The mind is agitated, clear and forward.

And the tree houses? Isn’t it fun? Himmel’s compatriot, writer Willie Schroedter, called them “meditation nests.” Hermann Hesse wrote: “Trees are sanctuaries. Who knows how to talk to them, who knows how to listen to them, he can know the truth. They do not preach doctrines and prescriptions, they teach the inviolable ancient law of life. “


“Nest of meditation”

Even ordinary people (according to Himmel about two centuries ago) were closely associated with trees. When the baby was born, the parents planted a tree near the house and tucked the placenta under the roots (or watered the roots with water from the first bath of the newborn). This made the child inseparable from the tree, and when he went far away, the parents watching the plant knew how he was doing.

Manfred Himmel has no doubts: trees are living things, with skin, veins and nerves. He thinks that they feel a lot, for example, those who are destined for felling, suffer from depression. Why is contact with trees so valuable? If only because they produce negative ions, which neutralize the negative positive ions for the body emitted by electronic devices. They radiate strength that we sometimes lack, and willingly share it.

How to get energy from trees, says Vladimir Kononov:

Ask and thank

Manfred Himmel describes in detail the rituals and body postures that help absorb their energy. In his opinion, when choosing a tree, it is best to focus primarily on the smell: if you do not like it, then you do not need what the plant has to offer you, or that there is no “chemistry” between you. For others, the shape of the tree and its posture are more important.


How does it work for you? How do you feel when you look at them? Is it old or young? Strong or sluggish? Healthy or Sick? Shriveled, lost, or proud, victorious? Or maybe even arrogant, unwilling to get involved? Unfriendly, dangerous? In the right place? Want to touch its trunk? Stroke or grab tight? And if so, what feelings do you have? Do you feel like you have permission, that this is a good deal?

Not all trees are suitable for energy exchange. Not all of them want it. This is why it is so important to choose carefully and be careful in contact. And ask permission. If you decide you want to befriend a tree, you can take a leaf home. Then come back. Make physical contact. For example, you can hug your torso with your forehead against it. Or lean against it with your back and the back of your head. Or lie under a tree with your bare feet on the trunk. Listen to yourself and the tree. If there are emotions, tears, release them. And don’t forget to say thank you!


Dendrotherapy specialists recommend close contact with trees in the early morning or afternoon and advise that it last no more than a few minutes (in winter it can be extended a little). Manfred Himmel claims that the trees rest after 17:00. And their influence on us changes throughout the year. In warmer months, they can be more useful in treating bodily ailments, in cold months, they have a stronger effect on our psyche.

The German researcher believes trees are excellent psychologists. That they even affect our character. For example, after years of contact with a birch tree, you may become more agile, full of imagination and joy in life. Yew – seriousness, willow – melancholy, oak – severity.

It is said that the pine has a fiery temperament. Those who are really friends with trees say that in addition to species characteristics, everyone has their own gifts and talents, like a person.

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