Tour to Mezmay and Guam Gorge. Yoga in the mountains of Russia

Yoga in the mountains of Russia

July 21-30, 10 days

We invite you to a yoga tour around the places of power in the vicinity of the Guam Gorge and the village of Mezmay. A yoga tour to the mountains will be useful for those who want to get to know yoga more deeply, discover wonderful places for practice, find people who are close in spirit and worldview, recuperate and improve the level of personal practice.

  • During our trip we will visit a number of interesting places:
  • Kurdzhip Gorge – a rocky canyon in the Lagonaki Highlands with an ancient boxwood forest;
  • Isichenko cave and waterfall – picturesque natural attractions in the Kurdzhips river gorge;
  • Rock “Pyramid” – An observation deck located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. From it you can see the whole area, as in the palm of your hand, – Sukha balka and the Guam gorge;
  • The cascade of waterfalls on the Alabaster Balka is a strong energetic place where two amazing waterfalls flow: Lunny and Alabaster;
  • Guam Gorge – a deep beautiful gorge in the upper reaches of the Kurdzhips River with the famous narrow-gauge railway;
  • Monk’s cave and Monks waterfall – one of the most beautiful and little-visited places in the vicinity of the village of Mezmay and Guamki;
  • Chinarsky and University waterfalls are beautiful and high waterfalls, reaching 12 and 20 meters. An excellent place for practicing interaction with the element of water;
  • Ruined dolmen is a powerful place for personal practice;
  • The Eagle’s Regiment is a ledge in the rock, from where a beautiful view of Mezmay and the Guam Gorge opens up.

Unique natural secluded places, clean air, daily activities, hiking and healthy eating – all this contributes to the harmonization of the body, mind and deeper immersion in the ancient technique of self-development – yoga.

By joining our tour, you can get a lot of new and interesting information, try proven, yielding yoga techniques, overcome your karmic limitations with austerity in the mountains, and recharge with positive energy.

The yoga tour is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

Tour program

Map of our tour to Mezmay and Guam Gorge

1 day travel

  • Meeting with the tour participants. Collection at the Krasnodar airport;
  • Moving to the village of Mezmay;
  • Accommodation, excursion around the territory;
  • Acquaintance with the group;
  • Singing the mantra Om together

2nd day. Kurdzhip gorge

  • Morning meditation;
  • Hatha yoga;
  • Meeting of the participants arriving on this day;

After breakfast we will go to the picturesque rocky canyon on the Lagonaki highlands – the Kurdzhip gorge, in which the turbulent Kurdzhips river flows.

The forest in the canyon is dense and truly fabulous – ancient thickets of yew and boxwood overgrown with moss grow here, century-old lindens rustle in the wind, and thin lianas hang down from the stone cliffs.

The Isichenko Cave and Waterfall are located here in the canyon. These are the most easily accessible, amazingly beautiful and favorite attractions among the inhabitants of this region. Isichenko waterfall flows directly from the cave of the same name. The height of the waterfall is 15 meters. Powerful streams of the waterfall in several streams descend into the Kurdzhips River along rocky ledges.

  • Lecture – talk about what yoga is;
  • Singing the mantra Om together.

Day 3. Chinarsky waterfall

  • Morning meditation;
  • Hatha yoga practice;
  • Hike to Chinarsky and University waterfalls.

On the tributaries of the Mezmay River near the settlements of Temnolesskaya and Russky Khutor there are a couple of beautiful waterfalls – Chinarev and Universitetsky, reaching 12 and 20 meters in height.

At the foot of the waterfalls, we will conduct the practice of interacting with the element of water. In the remaining time, you can take beautiful photos.

  • Lecture talk about karma and reincarnation;
  • Singing the mantra Om together.

4th day. Lunar and Alabaster Falls

  • Morning meditation;
  • Hatha yoga;
  • Excursion to the waterfalls on the Alabaster Balka.

Two cascading waterfalls, Lunny and Alabaster, due to a more unhurried flow of flowing water, have different energetic qualities, in contrast to the previous waterfalls.

During the practice of concentrating on the flow of water, we will try to feel this difference in the characters of the water element.

  • Lecture – conversation on the chakras and the structure of the subtle body;
  • Joint practice of the mantra Om.

Day 5. Ruined dolmen

  • Morning meditation;
  • Hatha yoga;
  • Hike to the destroyed dolmen.

Dolmens are one of the most mysterious secrets of the planet. They are structures made of stone of regular geometric shape, built about a thousand years ago.

It is believed that dolmens served as artificial caves for the meditation practices of our distant ancestors. Confirmation of this can be found today. For example, in India and Tibet, there are still practitioners (people engaged in spiritual practices) who go into solitude, in the absence of free caves, build shelters of stone for themselves.

It is believed that when a practitioner in a dolmen achieved some success in his practice, stone slabs, which are a natural accumulator, absorbed and memorized his energy. And therefore, even today at dolmens one can feel the energy of those practitioners and get a certain subtle experience.

  • Lecture talk about interaction with energies;
  • Singing the mantra Om together.

6th day. Guam gorge

  • Morning meditation;
  • Hatha yoga;
  • Walk to the Guam gorge;

The Guam Gorge is one of the most famous sights of the Krasnodar Territory. The Guam Gorge is famous not only for its natural beauty – sheer cliffs and the seething stream of Kurdzhips, but also for its man-made structure – a narrow-gauge railway.

  • Lecture on mantras and their influence on a person;
  • Singing the mantra Om together.

7th day. Monk’s cave and Monks waterfall

  • Morning meditation;
  • Hatha yoga;
  • Crossing;

Since the trail leading to Monk’s Cave is on the other side of the Kurdzhips River, we will use a climbing airlift to get there.

After the crossing and a rather steep ascent on foot, we will come to the Monakhov Falls, the stream of which breaks down from a great height and crumbles into many small drops. A little higher is the Monakhova Cave itself, from which a stream flows out, forming a waterfall.

In one of the domed vaults of the Monk’s Cave, we will conduct a joint practice of the mantra Om. Thanks to the elements of the earth, embodied in a stone dome with excellent acoustics, it becomes possible to deeply feel the vibration of the mantra Om.

  • Lecture on cleansing techniques – shatkarmas;
  • Singing the mantra Om together.

Day 8. Rock “Pyramid”

  • Morning meditation;
  • Hatha yoga;
  • Walk to the rock “Pyramid”;

This unusual rock with an observation deck at the top is located near the village of Mezmay. When viewed from below, it looks like a real pyramid. The observation deck of this rock is 1200 meters above sea level. It offers a stunning view of the Guam Gorge and the entire area.

  • Practice of concentration and attunement with the element of air;
  • Conversation on the topic: retreats, group and personal practices;
  • Singing the mantra Om together.

Day 9. Eagle shelf

  • Morning meditation;
  • Hatha yoga;
  • Hike to the Eagle’s Regiment;

The Eagle Regiment or “Shelf”, as the locals affectionately call this amazing creation of nature, got its name from the eagles that used to nest here. Now this place is very popular among tourists for its breathtaking views.

Here we will practice concentration and try to tune in with the energy of the air element.

Experience shows that unusual beautiful photographs are always obtained on the shelf.

  • Lecture on the way of teaching knowledge about self-development;
  • Singing the mantra Om together.

Day 10. Summarizing

  • Morning meditation;
  • Summarizing;
  • Departure home.

See you in Mezmay!


40,000 RUB at double occupancy with private facilities in the room
35,000 RUB at 4 local accommodation with facilities in the room
30,000 RUB with 4 local accommodation with amenities on the territory

Individual discount for yoga teachers of the OUM.RU club.

Separate cost for children under 15 years old.

Included in the price:

  • Accommodation in 4-bed rooms with private facilities or on the territory of the hotel;
  • Two vegetarian meals a day and a snack while walking;
  • Yoga lectures and practices;
  • Excursions to places of power in the vicinity of Mezmay;
  • One visit to the bathhouse.

The price does not include:

  1. Road to Mezmay and back;
  2. Transfer from Krasnodar and back (will be ordered if the required number of passengers is reached);
  3. Other expenses of the participants.

Limited number of seats.

Registration for the tour

To register for a yoga tour to Mezmay, just fill out an application at the bottom of this page:

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