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Yoga tour to the Caucasus: Mezmay and Adygea


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Yoga tour to the Caucasus for yoga teachers

from 1 to 10 August 2022, 10 days

Day after day, we make a continuous journey of a lifetime. The daily duties that we carry out, solving all sorts of tasks, planned and unforeseen tasks are also part of the journey. But besides that, we also have the opportunity to choose new roads in search of sensations, cultures, people, stories … but today is not about that !;

We want to invite yoga teachers on this journey, during which everyone can immerse themselves in the hidden beauty and possible secrets of their inner world. A journey in which everyone will be able to recognize the revelation within himself, concerning the surrounding reality and himself. We invite you to a yoga tour around the places of power of natural, multifaceted, centuries-old Russia, namely – in Mezmay and Adygea .;

What awaits the participants of this tour ?;

  1. Visiting unique places of the Caucasian region;
  2. Daily personal yoga and meditation practice;
  3. Daily collective chanting of the mantra Om;
  4. Communication with like-minded people;
  5. Time for personal practice in places of power;
  6. Two vegetable meals a day (breakfasts and dinners);
  7. Great pictures to commemorate the trip;
  8. And, what is important, a rich travel map:;
  • Silver spring near the village of Mezmay;
  • Dry beam waterfall;
  • Isichenko waterfall and cave;
  • Palm waterfall;
  • Palm bowl on the river;
  • Dolmen;
  • Chinarsky waterfall (Chinarev);
  • Eagle shelf;
  • Observation platforms over the Eagle shelf;
  • Crossing and climbing the monks’ waterfall;
  • Monk’s Cave;
  • White river;
  • Rufabgo Gorge and its waterfalls;
  • Monk Rock;
  • Ascent along the Unacoz ridge;
  • Dakhovskaya cave;
  • Rock “Bell Tower”

Yoga Tour Video

Tour program

1 day travel

On the first day of the tour, arrival, collection of participants and accommodation is carried out. You can come alone or together with fellow travelers. Everyone will have the opportunity, if they wish, to write in a general conversation about how and by what time you plan to get to the village of Mezmay.

During the day, after placement, there is an opportunity to get used to the territory of the retreat center, as well as go outside the territory, if the need arises. There are food shops in the village, where groceries and seasonal vegetables and fruits of the Krasnodar Territory are presented.

In the evening, everyone gathers in order to get to know each other and conduct a collective chanting of the mantra Om. Then go to bed.

Andrey Verba and teachers of the club

2 day travel

Each morning begins with meditation practice and hatha yoga practice. The good thing about the tour for yoga teachers is that everyone can conduct a lesson for themselves on their own, more effectively working out aspects of their mental and physical health.

After that, everyone meets for breakfast and later, when the day is fully started, a group of tour participants goes to the first places of power.

At the beginning, a hike to the Silver Spring, which is located not far from the village, is carried out.

Then we will be able to enjoy the views of the Sukha Balka waterfall. By the way, it is called dry precisely because on hot summer days the water level in the gully begins to drop significantly, respectively, thanks to this, tourists have more chances to explore the vastness of this area, which is also endowed with dense forests of incredible beauty. The real spirit of the mighty, abundant natural world reigns in these forests.

Isichenko waterfall and cave. For the first time, the waterfall and the cave were explored by scientists only in the second half of the 20th century! The height of the waterfall is 15 meters. Powerful streams of the waterfall in several streams descend into the Kurdzhips River along rocky ledges. You can cross the waterfall and go further up the trail by clinging to a metal cable prudently stretched here. Moving on, you can go to the observation decks and the Palm Falls, which we will do.

Then we continue our movement and reach the Palmovy waterfall, which is also surrounded by amazing forests and mountains.

And the end point of our trip will be the contemplation of the bowl on the Palmovaya River.

After we return to the retreat center grounds, everyone leaves for dinner. Then personal time, evening practice of the Om mantra and going to bed.

Day 3

  • morning meditation
  • hatha yoga practice
  • breakfast.

On the third day of the tour program, we head towards Dolmen. It is believed that in the distant, forgotten times, people were engaged in self-development everywhere, as evidenced by numerous similar structures around the world. It is believed that dolmens are just the same to these structures.

Chinarsky waterfall (Chinarev). The water of the Chinarka brook falls from a height of 12 meters. If desired, this waterfall can be walked around in a circle. In winter, the waterfall does not freeze completely, turning into a giant icicle, inside which the water continues to fall.

  • dinner;
  • mantra om.
Mezmay. View from the Eagle Shelf

4th day

On this day we go to the Eagle’s Regiment. The path will be picturesque and thorny, but it’s definitely worth it! This shelf offers a magnificent panoramic view, in which we can even consider our retreat center and admire how we climbed so high in general! But that’s not all, because on this day we will rise even higher!

We have to visit several more viewing platforms above the Eagle’s shelf. There will be an opportunity to practice personal practice or take wonderful pictures in the embrace of the elements of the Earth.

Mezmay. Guam Ridge, Eagle Regiment

Day 5

On this day, we have to cross and climb the waterfall to the monks, but of course we still have to reach the crossing. Have you ever thought that long walking can also be a certain meditation, but in this case, not only for the mind, but also for the body!

The crossing is carried out with the help of a mountaineering attachment and a torso, which is located above the Kurdzhips river. Next, we will have a steep ascent to the Monakhovaya Cave.

In the Monk’s Cave we will chant the collective mantra Om, and after that each will have time for individual practice among the trees.

Joint practice of the mantra Om

6th day

In the morning, after breakfast, transfer from the village of Mezmay to the village of Kamennomostsky.

If possible, visit the large market for local, seasonal produce on the way to your new destination. Juicy fruits, fresh vegetables, milk nuts and many, many other fruits of the plant world.

Upon arrival, accommodation and development on the territory is carried out.

Day 7

The first place of power on the map of our route in Adygea will be the Belaya river on a wild beach. You can swim in the local river (but keep in mind that it is quite cool) and enjoy the beauty of the beach itself and the clear blue water.

Then we will go to the gorge of the Rufabgo River, one of the tributaries of the Belaya River, where the Rufabgo waterfalls are located – one of the most picturesque and famous sights of the Republic of Adygea.

During the road we will meet a waterfall after a waterfall, but the most fascinating of them is the Maiden’s Braid waterfall, which is about 20 meters high!

After enjoying the abundance of the phenomenon of local waterfalls, we will go to dinner and relax.

Adygea. Village Kamennomostsky

Day 8

On this day, we will climb the Monk Rock, from which we will have a beautiful panoramic view. Here you can contemplate nature in all its glory, as well as immerse yourself in meditation, realizing the presence of all primary elements:

The earth is the personification of forests and rocks.

Water that seems to be a connecting thread permeates the Earth and gives it the opportunity for fertility.

The fire that warms, encourages growth and awakening.

The air that picks up the rustle of trees and accompanies the clouds to distant lands.

Ether, which is space itself.

Mount Monk

Day 9

On this day, we will climb the Unacoz ridge. There are two options for the development of events: go up the cable car or, thanks to your own spirit, as well as the strength of your body, climb up to the Bell Tower rock.

Those on foot can also visit the Dakhovskaya cave to rest and practice in it.

The Bell Tower rock is the final point of the map of our trip. If you combine all the events of the yoga tour: immersion in your inner world, communication with people close in spirit and close in business, daily overcoming in long meditative walks and fabulous views of the Caucasus, then only bright joy and great inspiration will remain in your soul to return to your usual tasks, because it is precisely such deliberate, filled journeys, in contact with oneself and nature, that fill with energy for new achievements.

In the evening we will have a summing up and the final mantra Om.

Adygea. Rock Bell Tower

Day 10

Departure. After the morning practice, in a free mode, everyone returns home.

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