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As early as 2000 years ago, people already resorted to such a method of treatment as colon hydrotherapy. Time transformed the method itself, it was abandoned, but in the 80s of the last century they turned to it again. Read on about whether intestinal lavage can be really useful, what is the potential harm of this method, about the features of the procedure, its effectiveness and contraindications.

What is colon hydrotherapy?

This is often called the method of cleansing the large intestine, which completely removes toxins from the digestive organs. But with the word “slags”, so often used in folk medicine, you should be careful. Note that there is no such term officially: the word “slags” is a pseudoscientific term. Therefore, colon hydrotherapy of the intestine can be conditionally applied, but not with the aim of eliminating non-existent toxins.

Initially, the technique was used by physicians who served the astronauts. The NASA space program assumed the release of the intestines of astronauts from feces on the eve of the most serious overloads in zero gravity. It was a necessary procedure, the use of which had nothing to do with recovery.


Then Western medicine made bowel irrigation a procedure that detoxifies the body. I must say that in Eastern Europe, the method has not become so popular, although some cosmetology centers actively offer patients this procedure as a means of losing weight, rejuvenating and even cleansing the skin.

And yet it is worthwhile to understand that it makes sense to do the procedure only according to indications, if the doctor explains to you the possible benefits. Alas, today is the time of pseudo-healers who collect hundreds of thousands of subscribers on social networks, promoting regular coffee enemas and other dubious treatment measures. And subscribers do not look for evidence, reasonable arguments in the recommendations of commercially interested pseudo-medical experts, and agree to go through strange procedures. Often at the risk of health.

Benefit and harm

In advertising articles describing colonotherapy with water, it is indicated that this is an absolutely comfortable procedure for the client. Do not believe such statements: a strong pressure of water flowing into the anus, swells the abdomen, causes sudden impulses to empty the intestines, absolutely cannot be considered a natural action. Both the person physically and psychologically feels insecure and uncomfortable. This is a certain stress for the body.


To do or not to do colonotherapy?

There are only facts about the benefits and harms of the method:

  • a healthy body cleans itself on its own in 1-2 days, and some old deposits (and the adherents of methods also write about this) simply cannot be on the intestinal walls;
  • the probe cannot go further than the sigmoid colon, and it actually acts like a regular enema;
  • colon hydrotherapy cannot cope with parasites, fecal stones are a delusion on which commercial centers make money, but it is quite possible to wash the beneficial microorganisms of colonohydrotherapy (another name of the method);
  • during the procedure, minerals, vitamins, nutrients can be washed out of the body;
  • after the procedure, you will probably be prescribed a course of medications to restore microflora, but the set of beneficial microorganisms is purely individual, because the chances that the new microflora will successfully take root in your intestinal tract are very small.

The conditions that colon hydrotherapy will be useful for bowel lavage are purely medical conditions, clearly delineated single indications. In all other cases of imaginary weight loss, rejuvenation, detox, a special apparatus with a probe can harm

Indications, contraindications


There are only 3 medical indications for this procedure. This is preparation for bowel surgery, preparation for colonoscopy, chronic constipation. Everything! As you can see, these measures do not apply to either health improvement or detoxification of the body. Accordingly, requests for them cannot be as frequent as those offered by beauty and health centers and other commercially interested organizations.

Contraindications to colon hydrotherapy:

  • pregnancy;
  • aortic aneurysm;
  • anemia;
  • hernia;
  • Crohn’s disease;
  • intestinal bleeding;
  • bowel cancer;
  • intestinal perforation;
  • hemorrhoids in exacerbation;
  • hypertension with poor control;
  • postoperative period;
  • ulcerative colitis;
  • cracks, fistulas of the rectum;
  • severe cardiopathology;
  • renal failure, etc.

The conclusion is simple: only a doctor can prescribe the procedure, there are few indications for it, there are a lot of contraindications. Only a specialist can carry out the procedure, because intestinal bleeding that occurs during a session is not uncommon.

You can find out more useful information by watching this video.

Colon hydrotherapy procedure

And now – in more detail about how the treatment procedure takes place.

Preparatory stage

Preparation for the session begins 3 days before it. You should remove meat, fish, animal fats, fresh vegetables and herbs, bread with wheat bran, certain types of cereals and drinks from the diet. You can eat rice, buckwheat, kefir, fermented baked milk and milk with low fat content, boiled beets, natural unsweetened juice, weak green tea.


Three days before the procedure, you should switch to dietary food

2 days before the procedure, the patient starts taking activated charcoal – 2 tablets three times a day. You cannot eat at all 4 hours before the session. If you have followed all of these guidelines, colon hydrotherapy will most likely pass without complications.

Carrying out the procedure

Actions take place in the manipulation room. The patient lies on his right side, bends his knees, puts his right hand under his head.


Session progress:

  1. The patient tries to relax the muscles of the pelvic floor, peritoneum, sphincter.
  2. The paramedic lubricates the patient’s anus with a special agent in order to organize the desired sliding effect.
  3. The specialist inserts a tube into the rectal cavity, through which the fluid is supplied / removed (directly intestinal lavage).
  4. The device turns on, it controls the intestinal dialysis. The intestines are filled with a solution of glucose, calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium ions (so as not to disturb the natural water-salt balance). The pressure of 100 microbar, which is programmed in the apparatus, is safe for the body, with this pressure, injuries and ruptures of the intestinal walls are virtually excluded.
  5. When the intestines are filled with fluid, the device switches to reverse mode, its contents come out of the anus.
  6. At the end of the procedure, the healthcare provider removes the solution delivery tube. The necessary hygiene procedures are being carried out.

For the next 4 hours, the patient needs to be provided with complete rest and rest. After 4 hours, he can eat a light chicken broth.

More than one procedure per day is not carried out (if we are talking about a treatment course). There should be no pain and aching sensations either during colon hydrotherapy or after it.

Efficacy from colon hydrotherapy


The effectiveness of colon hydrotherapy will depend on the indications for this procedure.

In case of constipation, this method of treatment washes away feces, restores peristalsis. And this helps the patient to overcome nausea, colitis, intoxication of the body associated with frequent constipation. Some weight loss is indeed possible, but there is no guarantee that one treatment session will normalize metabolism.

Improving the condition of the skin is a very conditional effect, because it does not always follow the procedure. In a word, intestinal lavage is really effective, if an operation or examination requires it, if without this method, the treatment of constipation is impossible. All other big promises that can be read in advertisements are exaggerated to say the least.


Colon hydrotherapy – real patient reviews:

Nikolay: For me, the procedure has become an ordinary enema, but for a lot of money. I fell for weight loss. He really left the office with his stomach drawn in, but he staggered and grabbed his side. After the first meal, the stomach returned to its place.

Valentine: Before a small operation, I was offered to do hydrocolonotherapy. It was not necessary, but they said it made sense. I was very worried, I didn’t even sleep the day before. But everything lasted about 20 minutes, there was practically no discomfort. What did I feel afterwards? Lightness in the body, even some kind of burst of energy. I know that you can go through such a session without evidence, just to improve your health. I’m thinking about it.

Elina: The procedures took place in a course in a private medical center. A nutritionist advised me. There was no discomfort (although I was very afraid), the state was normal after the procedure itself. The slight weakness passed quickly. In general, I noticed that it also had a good effect on weight loss and, as it seems to me, the skin tone improved.

Colon hydrotherapy, the benefits and harms of which are described in detail, can be called a modified enema. Such a session is needed for a narrow category of patients or subjects, and the fashion for such therapy has made everyone in a row potential clients. Be vigilant, trust experts, not advertising slogans!

katerina-ivanova-aftorThe author of the article is Katerina Ivanova: “Even while studying at the university, I was carried away by research work in the field of medical psychology. And for 15 years the topic of healthy lifestyles has been of interest to me both as a researcher and as a supporter of a healthy lifestyle. Herbal medicine, proper nutrition (but not diet!), Physical activity (exercise therapy, cardio training, fitness), taking care of psychological health, active rest – this is what I have in my life. “

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